耶鲁大学校长彼得·萨洛维(Peter Salovey)在2017毕业季演讲中重点谈了这个问题,他说,这是一个人们敲敲键盘就可以在社交媒体上同时和几百个人聊天交友的时代,然而,越来越多的人的生活是围着互联网转,越社交越孤独。


  2017 grade graduates, family members and friends, today is very happy to be with you, this is full of joy and hope of the day, and I also with a sense of pride today.


  This is a beautiful Yale tradition, now please allow me:


  Please all the family members who got up here to witness the 2017 outstanding Yale students graduation ceremony.


  Now, please 2017 graduates to support you to today’s milestone in the people, please rise to pay tribute.


  thank you all!


  Before graduation season, I did a very important thing to fly to California and celebrate the Passover with my family (Passover.) Many of you know that it was a memorial to the Jews in Egypt for slaves and celebrated them from And by the recitation of the food called Haggadah, the Passover will reflect on this history as if they had gone through the same.


  The Passover slavery and the theme of freedom can also resonate today, just as thousands of years ago. Many contemporary Haggadot (Haggadot, Haggadah’s plural quotes modern struggles, such as African Americans for liberation And civil rights, as well as today’s efforts to end trafficking.

逾越节的奴隶制和自由的主题在今天也能引发人们的共鸣,正如几千年前一样。许多当代的哈加多特(Haggadot ,Haggadah的复数)引用了现代斗争,如非洲裔美国人争取解放和公民权利,以及今天为结束贩卖人口所做的努力。

  My family has been using the traditional version of Haggadah from Madwell House Coffee since 1932. Obviously, this is also used by former President Barack Obama at the White House’s annual banquet. Part of the day, we will be reminded, because thousands of years ago we were in the Egyptian land on the stranger, so we must welcome the stranger to our own feast.We recited, ‘let all hungry The people come in and have food to eat … so that all the people who have come to meet with us to celebrate the Passover.

我的家人自1932年以来一直使用由麦克斯韦之家咖啡公司(Madwell House Coffee)主办的传统版本的Haggadah。显然,这也是前总统奥巴马在白宫的一年一度的家宴中使用的!最让我喜欢的部分是,这天晚上,我们会被提醒,因为几千年前我们曾经是在埃及土地上的异乡人,所以我们必须欢迎异乡人到我们自己的家宴。我们背诵道,“让所有饥饿的人进来有口饭吃……让所有遇难的人都来和我们一起庆祝逾越节”。

  This can be traced back a long time ago, written in Aramaic, which is the daily spoken language of most of the Middle East from 2000 to 3000. So they can easily be understood by those who accept the charity. , The owner of the house may open the door, read these words to invite all the people to attend the celebration.


  Remember what it feels like a stranger is not only important in the Passover.We told us in Jewish ures that we show goodwill to strangers, and Moses warned that we would never hurt a stranger, In the Exodus, we are told: ‘Do not blame or oppress a stranger because you are a stranger in the land of Egypt.’ In the other places of the Exodus , Which is a strange place to be written as ‘alone in a foreign land of the stranger’ – which became Robert Heinlein (Robert Heinlein popular science fiction title inspiration in the << Leviticus >> (Leviticus, In a volume in the Old Testament, we read: ‘When a stranger and you live in your place, you should not be targeted everywhere, on the contrary, for the stranger who is with you, You will love him as much as he is, because you used to be a heterogeneous Egyptian land.

请记住成为一个异乡人是什么感觉,这不仅在逾越节很重要。我们在犹太经文中反复告诉我们,向陌生人表示善意。摩西五经警告我们永远不要伤害一个异乡人,在三十五到四十六章节,取决于它的翻译版本。在出埃及记中,我们被告知:“你们不要指责或者压迫一个异乡人,因为你是埃及地的异乡人。”在出埃及记的其他地方,这是在陌生的地方被写成“独在异乡的异乡人” ——这成为了罗伯特·海因莱因(Robert Heinlein)的流行科幻小说的标题灵感。在《利未记》(Leviticus,基督教圣经《旧约全书》中的一卷)中我们读到:“当一个异乡人和你在你们的地方居住的时候,你不应该处处针对,相反,对于与你同在的异乡人,你们要像他一样爱他,因为你们曾经是是埃及地的异类。”

  ’I am a foreigner, and you must welcome me.’ Peter Rosazza, Archbishop of the Archbishop of Hartford, in the passage of this passage, did not only have this kind of care in Judaism. In the explanation to the Hebrew letter, we were told: ‘Do not ignore the hospitality of strangers, because some people do not know it Angels do. ‘Imagine if all the strangers – all the foreigners are regarded as the messengers of God, how wonderful the world will be!

并不只有犹太教有这种关怀。耶稣在最后审判的寓言中说:“我是外国人,你必须欢迎我。”哈特福德大主教管区主教彼得·罗萨萨(Peter Rosazza)在对这段经文的解释中说,欢迎外国人是相当于欢迎耶稣。后来,在给希伯来书的信中,我们被告知:“不要忽视对陌生人的热情好客,因为有些人在便不知不觉中做了天使该做的事情。”想象一下,如果所有陌生人——所有的外国人都被视为是神的使者,世界将会多么美好!

  The Koran also guides the Muslims: ‘for your parents, close relatives or orphans, those in need, your neighbors and neighbors from the field, whether friends around you or passers-by from afar …’


  There is an ancient Hindu ure that ‘the guest is God.’ The hospitality to the guests and strangers – known as ‘Manuya Ya Yana’ –is based on the Vedic practice (Vedic practice daily ‘five sacrifices ‘one.

有一个古老的印度教经文说:“客人就是上帝”。对客人和陌生人的款待 ——称为“马努雅雅雅娜”——是根据吠陀实践(Vedic practice)每天进行的“五大牺牲”之一。

  Back to the Hebrew Bible, we find this reminder of the aphorism, the wording is different from other people: ‘You do not oppress a stranger, because you know the feeling of a stranger, because you are also a stranger in the Egyptian region. The words are translated pretty, like ‘because you know the heart of a stranger who travels from afar.’

回到希伯来圣经,我们发现这个提醒警句,措辞与其他人有所不同:“你不要压迫一个异乡人,因为你自己知道一个异乡人的感觉,因为你也是埃及地区的异乡人。 这句话被翻译得相当漂亮,就像“因为你懂得来自远方奔波劳累的异乡人的心”。

Psychologists call this sympathy, which is known as compassion, and associate it with morality and ethics, and if we can find the true meaning of compassion, we are more likely to be kind to others. Here we are told how to act – how do not let strangers be confused – because we can understand their feelings, their hearts.

心理学家称这种懂得他人内心的心理称为同情心,并将其与道德和伦理联系起来。如果我们能找到同情的真谛,我们更有可能善待他人。在这里,我们被告知如何采取行动 ——如何不让陌生人迷惑 —— 因为我们可以理解他们的感受,他们的心。

  But it is a very easy thing to show sympathy? Not always. This is why there is no one group, no religious beliefs are in line with their own external treatment ideal one of the reasons. Exclusion and oppression has always been the prevalence of many human society When we feel lost, threatened or frightened, it is difficult for us to think about transposition. In fact, stress and uncertainty may lead us to blame others – looking for a scapegoat instead of sympathizing with them.

但是展示同情是一件很容易的事情吗?并不总是。这就是为什么没有一个团体,没有宗教信仰完全符合自己的外在待遇理想的原因之一。排外和压迫一直是许多人类社会普遍存在的特征。当我们感到失落,威胁或恐惧时,我们很难做到换位思考。事实上,压力和未知可能会导致我们指责他人 ——寻找方便的替罪羊,而不是同情他们。

  Today, not onlyimmigrants and refugees are ‘alone in a foreign land for the stranger’, in the United States and around the world, we have become unfamiliar with each other.We find it difficult to understand each other’s point of view, it is difficult to deal with differences.We can not imagine our country Of people think, how to do.Although constantly communicate, we also found and the other increasingly drift away, it is difficult to reconcile.


  Over the past three decades, according to a recent article by Forbes, it has been reported that the number of Americans who have not had a friend has tripled. How is this possible? It’s a time for people to knock on a keyboard in social media And hundreds of people chatting friends of the times ah!However, more and more people’s lives are around the Internet, the more social the more lonely.To know, send text messages, send e-mail, hair push special down the phone and a living person to deal with more simple!


  In the twentieth century, the French sociologist Emile Durheim (Emile Durkheim talked about this ‘anomie’ phenomenon – a kind of And the social derailment of the loneliness, he believes that his great changes in life – the rise of industry, large-scale production and urban growth – is the link between the culprits less.

这种现象由来已久,互联网恐怕要担更多的责任。在二十世纪之交,法国社会学家埃米尔·杜尔海姆(Emile Durkheim)谈到这一“失范”的现象——一种和社会脱轨的孤独感。他认为他一生中的巨大变化 —— 工业的崛起,大规模的生产和城市的增长 ——是人与人之间联系变少的元凶。

  A century later, but before people began to worry about the network, social media has begun to shape our way of communication, political scientist Robert Putnam (Robert Putnam with ‘bowling’ image describes the collapse of contemporary social network of traditional society Putnam found that we no longer joined our community activities, and we no longer define ourselves through clubs and civic organizations that represent our hobbies and interests.

一个世纪以后,但是在人们开始对网络担忧之前,社交媒体就已经开始塑造我们的交流方式,政治学家罗伯特·普特南(Robert Putnam)用“保龄球”的形象描述了当代社会传统社会网络的坍塌。普特南发现我们不再加入到社区活动当中了,我们不再通过代表我们的爱好和兴趣的俱乐部和公民组织来界定自己。

  What happens if we are weakened in social relations? How can we feel safe when we are no longer in the social network or community? One possible result is that we take the stone and hit our feet.We may spend a lot of time staring at The mirror is only concerned with the information that is consistent with our previous beliefs, and we will only focus on what we do about ourselves and we become isolated and helpless.


  ’We all know the taste of loneliness, and we already know that the only solution is love, and that love comes from the sense of belonging of social groups,’ wrote Dorothy, a social activist of the twentieth century.

二十世纪的社会活动家多萝西日写道:“我们都知道孤独的滋味 ,而且我们已经知道唯一的解决方案是爱,而且这种爱是从社会团体的归属感中来的。”

  There is no community, no compassion, I can not see myself from the eyes of others.On the contrary, those strangers are ignored, and even demonized. And Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and many other traditions are contrary to us No longer welcome strangers to our table.On the contrary, we build the walls and keep them away from us.


  Perhaps in a beautiful sunny afternoon in the past four years, you walk to the Grove Street Cemetery and discover the tombstone of the 17th president of Yale, Kim Brewster, who led the university in a period of historical turmoil , He advocated coeducational and tried to maintain peace during the Panthers experiment in New Haven City (United States of America Connecticut port city).


  Brewster’s epitaph wrote: ‘The presumption of innocence is not only a legal concept of law and common sense, it needs a generous spirit of strangers, expecting what is the best, not the worst.’ Brewster is familiar with the conflict And the strife, he knows how deep the differences between people can be, and he knows how misunderstandings and fears can be separated from people, but he expects to be the best among the others, which is his common sense.


  Kyrgyzstan and the social commentator Ta-Nehisi Coates have called for ‘deep sympathy from the heart.’ This deep compassion should inspire us and inspire us, and this is a powerful tool. We take action to serve others and our social groups.

那让那成为我们的共识吧。同情是一个强大的工具。作家和社会评论家Ta-Nehisi Coates曾经呼吁“发自内心的深深的同情”。这种深深的同情心应激励我们,激励我们采取行动,为他人和我们的社会团体服务。

  In 2017, you have been on campus for four years, trying to become popular and accepted people, you and a variety of background and industry people to establish a lasting friendship, when you meet each other when they are unfamiliar, but you hand in hand Created the Yale family, you sang:


  Four seasons change, Yun Shu Yun roll


  Snow-capped, spring-filled


  Time passes, marshes


  Yale friendship, daughter does not change


  I urge you to bring these experiences into the world – the world needs your contribution, your curiosity, and your compassion .


  I hope you will experience the pain of the world, empathy and the world as their responsibility. Hospitality, and people are good, to see people, you do is the angel thing.


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